What a Week!

What a Week!
Above photo was taken this morning. We had 12°F at 6:30AM.

Thought I’d post an update on the blog about happenings here. I’ll send out more detail in an email soon.

Dante and Guillermo alerted me moments ago that they are on their way to Monterrey Mexico. They have a meeting at the consulate tomorrow and will likely get their visas on Tuesday. I expect they will be at the farm on Thursday or Friday of next week. Right around the time you’ll be getting your deliveries.

Things here have been chaotic. The storm that came up from the south on Saturday knocked power out at the farm. We waited almost four days until it was restored. I spent everyday trying to keep freezers and coolers cold and greenhouses warm. Our big generator is not working so we did our best with two smaller ones.

We are starting to fall very much behind schedule. It’s great that we don’t have the pressure of plant sales this year as I’m not entirely sure how we would do it all. This March, we served 300% more people with over 600% more product being packaged.

Can’t wait for the guys to get here! 🙂
johnny parker

It was super frustrating as we had so much greenhouse work planned and all of my time was spent dealing with storm damage, moving generators and keeping them fueled up.

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