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2 ounces of fresh, organic daikon radish, sunflower and pea microgreens by Live and Learn Farms in Edinboro, PA. Microgreens are very nutritious and full of vitamins. A little goes a long way. Great way to try all three varieties.



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How to use microgreens:

*add them to your salads

*pile them high on your sandwiches or wraps

*garnish soups, meats, potatoes

*add them to egg dishes

*top your pizza, cheese and crackers, chips and salsa

*make pesto with them

*add them to your bagel or toast

* top your pizza or pasta

  1. Justin Carulli

    Justin Carulli (verified owner)

    These microgreens are a great alternative in salads when I’m tired of leafy greens. I roughly chop them and mix them with veggies, cheese, nuts, and oil and vinegar. Delicious and satisfying!

  2. Lora (verified owner)

    We add these to our green smoothies in the morning and to our salads and sandwiches. We love to add the green variety to anything we can!

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