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The Farm to Door Fresh Food Membership provides you with free home delivery, access to the entire product catalog, special discounts, bulk buys and value packages for 5 months. The fee will earn you equal or greater amount of fresh food during the course of the membership. This membership ends four months from signup date. The membership will NOT auto renew. After five months, you can choose to renew for a year at a discounted rate of $129 a year. There is no obligation to renew. Edible Earth Farm is the most flexible and affordable CSA in Pittsburgh!

Every order you make during the season is delivered to your home free of charge [see delivery area map below] or check here to see if your address is in our home delivery area.

Deliveries happen bi-weekly and each order requires a $49 order minimum. More frequent deliveries may be available during the months of July, August and September.

Unlike almost all other CSAs, there are no requirements to place an order. If you don’t want a delivery, simply don’t order.

The product catalog varies depending on the time of year but includes much fresh food, mostly organic and many other things such as: pasture-raised meats, seafood, bread, pasta, cheese, dairy, hummus, pesto, dried goods, salsa, sauces, soups and more.

The “farm store” is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, prior to the delivery. During this time, members can login and select the items they want delivered. We custom pack the order and deliver it to your front door. No more strapping the kids into their car seats to pickup your CSA at a host site. Text messages with photo will be sent when the package is delivered.

Check here to see if you’re in our delivery area.

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Home delivery available to the areas in gray.

You can enter your address at this site to see if you’re in our delivery area.

Delivery Calendar

More frequent deliveries may be available in July, August and September. Farm Store opens every Thursday prior to delivery and closes on Sunday morning at 8AM.


Answers to Some Common Questions

>Can I cancel my Subscription

Technically, this is a fresh-food membership for the period of time determined at signup. Memberships cannot be canceled. However, memberships do not auto-renew. When the membership ends, you’ll need to renew it for it to continue. We require a term commitment from all of our members in order for us to plan for the season. Also our monthly payments are low so that a term commitment is not costly.

> Can I get deliveries every “other” week?
It already is bi-weekly, all year. We have gotten really good at harvesting and holding, so that you get the longest shelf life possible. You’ll be amazed. We do require a $49 minimum order per delivery. So, that comes out to be ~$25 a week when you buy for two weeks.

> Can I pause the membership if I travel or something to that effect?
There’s absolutely no obligation to order. Don’t want a delivery? Just don’t order. Almost too simple, right?! 🙂

> Can I get weekly deliveries?
No, because saving the environment requires some adjustments. 🙂 Also, deliveries are bi-weekly because we too often hear that people have trouble getting through all of their product in a week. Additionally, it’s easier to reach the minimum order of $49, when you’re buying for two weeks. Most importantly, you’re working to lower delivery emissions and conserving the farm’s energy.

>What happened to host sites?
We love our hosts and they have been great over the years, as we have built out our CSA program. However, host sites present a series of issues we are looking to avert. It’s inconvenient for people to remember to pickup every week at a host site. Too often, people forget to collect their share. Delivering directly to your home greatly improves The CSA Experience (TM).

  1. Erin Farrell

    Erin Farrell (verified owner)

    I have been patrinizing with edible earth farm for many years. I was a host and now I use their home delivery. The products are amazing and the service is fantastic. I highly recommend this service!

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