Olive Oil-Greek Garlic



Tastes like nothing else, because it’s made like nowhere else. From olives and Mani Garlic cold pressed together in small batches at the olive mill during the cold fusion process to provide a spicy garlic flavor to your favorites dishes.

Look for olive fruitiness, spicy garlic and smooth, peppery finish.

“At Liokareas Olive Oil, our vision has always been to produce the best olive oil that our consumers can get their hands on. In the olive oil industry, the health and wellness associated with polyphenols in EVOO, and especially Oleocanthal are paramount. We strive to produce the highest quality product, and with every year’s harvest, our goal is to surpass the achievements we have made in the prior year.

~ Peter Liokareas Co-Founder

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Their Story

Our family has an olive orchard in Kalamata, Greece and we harvest the farm in the fall and bring the olives and oil and other products to our Bethel Park bottling facility and distribute from there. Everything is grown in the region and organic and we have most of our products USDA certified organic. (We are in the process of getting all of the certified).

What makes our products unique is not only do we have the farm and our own press but we have created flavored olive oils by cold fusing fruits and herbs we grow on the farm with the olives at the time of harvest. This agrumato style of getting a flavored olive oil is unique and not often done. We do this to ensure the quality of the olive oil remains and all of the health benefits are there. We don’t infuse or heat up the olive oil to get the flavor profile- and because of this process we have won many international awards for our quality.

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