Amish Roll Butter


2 pounds of salted Amish Roll Butter from Middlefield Cheese in Ohio. This is hand rolled, by real people, into wax paper, just like it’s been done for many years. This butter has the most creamy and delicious flavor. Ingredients: pasteurized cream and salt.

The price of this has jumped considerably beginning on January 5th. We unfortunately had to pass most of that increase on in the form of  increased price.

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  1. Jennifer Melnyk

    Jennifer Melnyk (verified owner)

    The only butter our family eats now. It is so delicious that we had to buy a butter crock…

  2. Justin Carulli

    Justin Carulli (verified owner)

    This is incredible butter for a reasonable price. Just the right amount of salt, I use it in recipes that call for unsalted butter and it works fine (I don’t usually bake though, so take that with a grain of…you know.)

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