Balsamic Glaze

Liokareas Greek Balsamic Glaze – 250ml
  • Their original balsamic glaze consisting of our tasteful aged balsamic vinegar and concentrated grape must.
  • Color: Dark brown
  • Profile: Acidic, sweet and slightly sour.
  • Acidity 6%
  • Use it just on everything. Glaze any type of food from salads to meat dishes, marinade any roast, stir into any type of sauce, drizzle over your cheese plates or bruschetta’s….

In southern Kalamata, Greece the Liokareas name – pronounced lee-oh-care-ee-us is synonymous with premium olive oil and award winning imports. For generations their family has been perfecting the art of creating some of the worlds finest vinegars. Liokareas BALSAMIC GLAZE is created by transforming premium grape must from the Messinian valley with our famous aged balsamic vinegar. Use it to garnish your salads, roasts and vegetables, and give them an incredibly deep sweet & sour taste. Exceed the limits of taste by decorating cakes, ice cream or cocktails. Enjoy this modern variation of a traditional balsamic treat from the Liokareas Family !

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Their Story

Our family has an olive orchard in Kalamata, Greece and we harvest the farm in the fall and bring the olives and oil and other products to our Bethel Park bottling facility and distribute from there. Everything is grown in the region and organic and we have most of our products USDA certified organic. (We are in the process of getting all of the certified).

What makes our products unique is not only do we have the farm and our own press but we have created flavored olive oils by cold fusing fruits and herbs we grow on the farm with the olives at the time of harvest. This agrumato style of getting a flavored olive oil is unique and not often done. We do this to ensure the quality of the olive oil remains and all of the health benefits are there. We don’t infuse or heat up the olive oil to get the flavor profile- and because of this process we have won many international awards for our quality.

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