More Beef and Pork Soon

More Beef and Pork Soon
We will have more pork products available for the next delivery. Expect more meat options over the next two months. We underestimated the demand for these items and unfortunately they get scheduled for processing a year in advance. In fact, we are booked for all of 2024. We appreciate your loyalty and we are working to better adjust our protein production. Expect to see more blog posts here. Feel free to comment.
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Larry Tamburino

That’s good news. Love beef and especially steaks! Do you treat your beef (and pork) with antibiotics or vaccines? Wondering how well you raise and treat your livestock. Looking for only the cleanest and purist and healthiest raised livestock.

johnny parker

You’re always welcome to visit. 🙂 I’d love to show you around.

We de-worm all of our pigs using ivermectin. We castrate our male pigs. When we do, we treat them with moderate level of antibiotics after removing their testicles so they don’t die from an infection. We do this when they are ~5 weeks old. While I have not done this yet, we may treat cattle with antibiotics if a vet recommends it because of an illness. In all of our years, this has never happened. We do our best to keep every animal happy and healthy, naturally.

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