You can stock up on everything from fresh veggies and meat to cheeses, pastas, grains, eggs, oils, soups, pestos, and even tofu!
More than just a CSA.
Support a local farm and get almost all of your grocery needs delivered
A CSA Like No Other
Get most of your grocery needs delivered to your door, while supporting a local farm!
A CSA Like No Other

Buying Local Has Never Been Easier

Signup to be a supporting member of Edible Earth Farm and get free year-round deliveries.
Choose your items
Select from a wide variety of products including fresh food, canned goods, dry goods, meats, seafood, dairy, mushrooms, soups, pesto and more.
We deliver and you enjoy!
We even collect the box and thermal liner from the prior delivery. Year-round, bi-weekly home delivery is available to much of Pittsburgh. Host site delivery to Grove City and Sewickley
Beyond Organic
is the Edible Earth Farm mantra, as we have always farmed organically using many bio-dynamic methods that minimize waste and maximize efficiency.
A Large and Growing Selection
is what makes Edible Earth stand out in the CSA market. Members choose from a wide range of food products including fresh food, dry goods, spices, teas, coffee, cheese, dairy, pasta, fermented foods, fish, and so much more, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised.
Quality Like You've Never Experienced
is because Farm-direct means Super-fresh. You’ll know right away from the ordering experience to the product quality, Edible Earth Farm has a passionate emphasis on quality. Our harvesting and holding methods are strict and ridged with a focus on preserving the longevity of the crops produced.
Because Members Transact Directly
with the producer, members get the very best price on items. Edible Earth Farm provides the most diverse and affordable food delivery service in Pittsburgh. #FreshOrganicFoodForAll
The Farm is Proud
to pioneer improvements in direct-to-consumer services, logistics and organic farming techniques. The farm managers are constantly working to improve and optimize the production and delivery of fresh organic food, all with an eye toward impact reduction techniques and sustainability.

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